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The services we provide include:

supportive and natural setting with the support of the favored parent.  Families involved in these strained situations need time to reduce the anxiety of being together as well as  practice and relearn how to spend time together.


INTERVENTIONS where there has been no contact for justifiable reasons such as a parent being in the military or incarcerated:

While these families may have similar issues to the above the reason for no contact has been an external factor making the parent unavailable to spending time with the child(ren). They require delicate handling and are planned based on the specifics of each situation.


INTERVENTIONS where all other treatments have failed and it is time for a parent to say goodby to a child.

This is a therapeutic situation and closure needs to be managed so that all parties can feel resolved and that opportunity for future connection is not eliminated.


INTERVENTIONS where parents and children are seeking family reconnection where relationships are strained for other reasons.


PRE-INTERVENTION and AFTERCARE work may be required.

In some cases Drs. Montgomery or Pasternak will want to have preliminary sessions with the coparents or individually with one or both parents to prepare them for the intervention with the child(ren). This is often part of the intervention itself but may be suggested as a way to jump start the process.  Additonally and/or alternately aftercare work with the clinical team will be part of necessary post intervention follow-up.

The Basic Requirements for all programs:


  • All adults and ultimately all family members must be able to be in the same room together.

  • All adults must commit to the understanding that a child having a healthy relationship with both parents is essential to the child’s well-being.

  • Maximum time of no parent-child contact allowed will be determined on a case by case basis.  The longer the period of no contact the more difficult to effect change for the family.

  • Other factors that could exclude your family from participating in a BFR intervention can be discussed once we receive your application as they are evaluated on a case by case basis.

INTERVENTIONS where the family is involved in High Conflict divorce or separation:

These are our usual cases and require all family members to attend therapeutic sessions over several days and in many cases overnight.  They are intensive in nature in order to allow the children to spend time with the rejected parent in a

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