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Accessing our Services

We provide customized and unique family interventions where a child is resisting or outright rejecting one parent.  These interventions are one family multi-day programs and often have a residential component.  We require all family members to participate and may request the participation of significant others and extended family who influence the resistance.


Interventions take place in New Jersey in a suite of offices or hotel depending on the needs of each situation. 















Families eat all meals together during the intervention and participate in activities together when not in therapeutic sessions.  The therapy includes meetings with all family members in different configurations such as parent-parent, parent-child, all members and are determined by the clinical team. 


Coparenting skills training and parent education are included necessary components.Costs for the intervention are determined once the team understands the needs of the particular family and will include items such as the Clinical, Administrative and Youth Support staff in addition to meals, meeting space, housing for staff and children, supplies, administrative fees and other expenses as needed to provide a supportive environment to undergo the hard work needed in these challenging situations.


The Steps to Access our services are the same whichever type of intervention is needed. 


  • Application. First apply here.  From the application we can get a sense of the type of struggle your family is experiencing and the factors affecting it.  We also gather basic demographic and contact information from the application.

  • Court Order. Obtain a court order.  The order must name Building Family Resilience as the provider of the intervention requested.  Other suggested language needed in the order can be provided.  A court order ensures that all parties participate fully in the intake and programmatic components of the intervention.


  • Clinical Intake. Clinical Intake is the next step of the process. Our clinical team can determine the best course of action for your family based on a comprehensive clinical intake.  During intake the team speaks to each parent and to other professionals who are involved with the family and may include therapists, school counselors or teachers and any others the team believes can inform the dynamics of the family. When possible the clinical team will interview the parents in person.

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