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Mental health professionals are addressing these family dynamics using a combination of psychoeducation and therapeutic treatments.A combination of therapy and psychoeducation is utilized to address unresolved feelings regarding the restructuring of the family and to promote healthy relationships among all family members.


Drs. Sharon Ryan Montgomery and Marcy Pasternak of Building Family Resilience are among the experienced group of practitioners nationwide who are working to alleviate these issues for families as research provides that children who do not have healthy relationships with both parents have more health and relationship problems later in life.


Bringing both parents and child(ren) together in an intensive model, utilizing a whole family approach is their method of working to reunify, reintegrate and rebalance the family.  This  process serves to introduce, re-introduce or reinforce the bond between family members.


Resilience means the ability to bounce back and to adapt to hardships and setbacks in life.  We want to support those abilities and adaptations. 


Our Goals and Objectives for our work with you are:


  • To facilitate and restore relationships between the child(ren) and both parents in a healthy and balanced manner.

  • To encourage more cooperative relationships for the entire family by developing a perspective that is solution focused and not blaming.

  • To reduce the conflict between family members to support healthier relationships.

  • To enhance communication skills between the parents to promote more effective coparenting long term.

  • To impact an understanding of the complexity of the contributing factors to the family’s challenges.

In some families, children resist or reject a parent after a divorce or separation and the intensity of the problem exists on a continuum of mild to severe. The nature of the issue is complex and multi-faceted including factors related to the parents, people outside of the family, and even the child(ren) themselves. Research has demonstrated the long term deleterious effects of these avoidances or alliances on children and their adult functioning and relationships. 

Our Goals

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