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Building Family Resilience provides family interventions where a parent and child(ren) are having contact problems for any number of reasons including in response to a divorce, a parent being incarcerated or in the military or after all other treatments have failed.  Any family who desires a better connection is encouraged to seek our services.


The divorce process involves changes and adjustments for all members of the family.  While some families are able to negotiate these changes over time, for some the transitions are fraught with high conflict and poor communication and coparenting. When this occurs, children may get caught in the middle, and in some cases, unhealthy alignments may develop as a result.  Children may resist contact with one parent.  Contact resistances occur for a variety of reasons, and are often multi-determined. It becomes challenging for clinical and legal professionals to arrive at solutions.


Early intervention is essential to address the precipitants to these problems and to prevent them from becoming more entrenched and irreparable.  It has been well-established that the longer these resistances continue without proper intervention, the more difficult it becomes to reverse the process.


Intensive family intervention involving all family members using a myriad of psycho-educational, cognitive/behavioral and experiential techniques is indicated and necessary. 

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